EcoSafe Cob Web Clean-Up
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EcoSafe Cob Web Clean-Up (ECOSAFECOB)

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EcoSafe Cob Web Clean-up

EcoSafe Cob Web Clean Up Removes Messy Cob Webs, Spider Spittle, and Helps Prevent Cob Web Reformation !

NEW EcoSafe Cob Web Clean-Up, designed by professionals, is a naturally based cleaner that not only effectively cleans spider messes such as cob webs, droppings, feces, and insect excrement, it also leaves a natural barrier that helps reduce and prevent cob web reformation.

EcoSafe Cob Web Clean-Up is readily biodegradable, pH balanced, and makes cleaning cob web residue and hard to remove stains a breeze. It works great on windows, eaves, doors, fiberglass, boats, marina's and other places where cob webs are a consistent problem. Regular use will practically eliminate the problem!

The chemistry behind EcoSafe Cob Web Clean-Up combines science with nature to bring you a practical effective product that is safe for people, pets and the environment. Other similar products that are now off the market contained pepper and synthetic ingredients that were thought to repel insects. Due to the natural burning and skin irritation associated with spraying pepper based products, EcoSafe Cob Web Clean-Up was formulated to be safe to use in almost every application. The ingredients are simple. Utilizing a medical grade ultra pure deionized water base that contains no chlorine or salts or preservatives, the naturally derived surfactants obtained from palm and coconut oils work with essential oils such as mint, licorice, clove and others to create a cleaner that also creates a natural insect barrier. This formula has endured rigorous testing and the results are fantastic!

Test Results prove that EcoSafe Cob Web Clean-Up cleans cob web residue and spider spittle better than most commercial cleaners, while adding a degree of safety towards the environment. The ingredients also work to discourage cob web build up and reformation better than most commercially available insecticides.

100% Money Back Guarantee! We want you to be totally satisfied. If for any reason you are not satisfied with EcoSafe Cob Web Clean-Up, simple return the unused bottle to us for a complete refund of purchase price less shipping fees.

EcoSafe Cob Web Clean-up Features:
* Is not a pesticide
* Biodegradable
* pH balanced
* Repels spiders and insects
* Easy clean-up
* Regular use helps discourage cob web reformation
* Does not contain pesticides, perfumes, alcohol, bleach, amonia, phosphates or hard chemicals
* 100% Money Back Guarantee !

EcoSafe Cob Web Clean-up Uses / Applications:
For use in homes, offices, schools, buildings, cars, trucks, planes, boats, ships, docks, marinas, slips & more!
Easily removes cob webs and spider spittle from surfaces. Re-Apply and it helps discourage cob web reformation for up to 60 days.
EcoSafe Cob Web Clean-up Size(s): 32 oz bottle with sprayer; 1 gal jug (for larger applications)
EcoSafe Cob Web Clean-up Category: Cob Web Clean-Up Spray
EcoSafe Cob Web Clean-up Manufacturer: EcoFresh Industries Inc.