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 Gremar PowerPuff Duster

Designed by Marv Morford, a PCO for over 40 years, the Gremar PowerPuff Duster is a lightweight (1 3/41bs), handheld, battery-powered dust applicator with a wide variety of features.

1. The Gremar PowerPuff Duster is powered from a 12-volt battery that can be recharged without being removed from the duster. It comes with a 110-volt charger, and a 12-volt charger so the PowerPuff can also be charged from a car or truck.

2. The Gremar PowerPuff Duster comes with three different size tips to be used for crack and crevice, wall voids, block walls, etc. It also comes with a 9" extension that when used increases the electrostatic charge of the dust.

3. The Gremar PowerPuff Duster is designed to sit on its backside for easy two-handed filling.

4. The Gremar PowerPuff Duster has a safety switch that prevents accidental discharge.

5. The Gremar PowerPuff Duster has a clear-view canister that allows for continuous monitoring of the dust level.

6. The Gremar PowerPuff Duster comes in a portable plastic carrying case complete with a belt carrying hook, the 12-volt charger, the 110-volt charger, the 3 different size tips, and a 9" extension.

The Gremar PowerPuff Duster is easy to use and provides a smooth, uninterrupted flow of dust. The PowerPuff also adds to the professional look of every PCO and make dusting more efficient. The greatest benefit of the PowerPuff is the time it saves when applying dust.

Gremar Power Puff Duster

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