Havoc-XT Blok
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Havoc-XT Blok (2362600595)

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Havoc-XT Blok

Havoc-XT Blok is a low profile blok that has great edges for gnawing that rodents love. Havoc XT Blok is also one of the most palatable weather resistant baits on the market.

Compare To: Contrac, Final

Havoc-XT Blok rodent bait kills Norway rats and house mice with a lethal dose of Brodicoum in a single feeding. The first dead rodents will start appearing in four or five days after feeding begins.

Havoc-XT Blok Rodent Bait Blok Features:
* Second generation anticoagulant
* Single feed formula
* Immediate results, fast acting
* Weather resistant
* Contains Bitrex bittering agent for non-target animals
* Bloks contain holes for mounting into rodent bait stations
* Labeled for use in and around agricultural buildings
* Resealable packaging
* Contains Bitrex bittering agent to minimize ingestion by non-target animals

Havoc-XT Blok Uses / Applications:
Determine areas where rats and/or mice will most likely find and consume the bait. Generally, these areas are along walls, by gnawed openings, in or beside burrows, in corners and concealed places, between floors, and walls, or in locations where rodents or their signs have been observed. Remove as much food as possible.

Havoc-XT Blok is a second generation rodenticide and is for use in and around agricultural buildings only. Due to the EPA's rodenticide mitigation laws that went into effect in June of 2011, second generation rodenticides are not available in grocery stores, drug stores, hardware or club type stores. This is a specialty product recommended for use outdoors in tamper resistant rodent feeding stations. Do not use indoors in homes and do not use further than 50 feet from buildings.

Havoc-XT Blok Target Pests:
Norway rats, roof rats and house mice

Havoc-XT Blok Active Ingredient: Brodificoum.......................0.005%

Havoc-XT Blok Active Ingredient: Brodificoum.......................0.005%

Havoc-XT Blok EPA Reg. No. 100-1055-61282

Havoc-XT Blok Size: 8 lb bag, 4/case
Havoc-XT Blok Category:Rodenticide, Blocks
Havoc-XT Blok Manufacturer: Hacco, Inc.