Precor 2625 Premise Spray
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Precor 2625 Premise Spray (824461),

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Precor 2625 Premise Spray

Precor 2625 Premise Spray is the perfect solution for nuisance fleas, spiders, wasps, etc!

Precor 2625 Premise Spray is a broad label, water-based aerosol designed for quick knockdown and kill of adult-stage pests. Multiple modes of application and long-lasting residual protection provide effective pest management without disrupting household or business activities!

Precor 2625 Premise Spray Features:
* Covers 2625 sq ft
* Up to 2625 ft² of coverage
* 360° valve allows for upright and inverted application
* Broad label treats a variety of nuisance pests
* Designed for broadcast and crack and crevice applications
* Four-week residual action
* More than 200 days of protection against developing flea larvae!

Precor 2625 Premise Spray Uses/Applications:
USE INFORMATION: Precor® 2625 Premise Spray (Precor® 2625) provides effective kill of listed pests in and on buildings and structures and their immediate surroundings and on modes of transport. Permitted areas of use: apartment buildings, residential homes, garages, kennels, on pet bedding, furniture, and other inanimate objects infested with fleas, out buildings, barns, hospitals, and the non-food/feed areas of hotels, motels, commercial, industrial or office buildings, laboratories, mausoleums, nursing homes, private residences, schools, veterinary clinics, stores, utilities, warehouses, and in non-food areas of restaurants, food manufacturing, processing, and servicing establishments, and on transportation equipment: vessels, rail cars, aircraft (do not use in aircraft cabins), buses, trucks and trailers.

INDOORS: Hold container with nozzle pointed away from you. Can be used as a surface or spot, crack and crevice, or void treatment. For application as a crack and crevice spray, spray at a rate of 2 seconds per linear foot. For application as a spot spray, treat surface until slightly wet. The 360º valve allows the product to be sprayed upright or upside down to facilitate applications. Do not reapply more often than every 14 days. To kill Cockroaches, Ants, Brown Marmoted Stink Bugs, Asian Lady Beetles, Crickets, Earwigs, Firebrats, Fleas, Silverfish, Spiders, and Sowbugs: Apply as a crack and crevice, void or spot treatment in areas where these pests crawl and hide, especially on hidden surfaces around sinks and storage areas, along and behind baseboards, around doors and windows, behind and under refrigerators, cabinets, sinks and stoves, and on the underside of shelves, drawers, bookcases and other areas where pests are seen.

Ants: (excluding Pharaoh and Harvester Ants) Spray around ant trails and mounds, doors and windows and other places where ants enter premises. Spray around nests hidden under steps, brickwork, concrete, landscape material, retaining walls, etc. Break apart accessible nests and spray on and around debris.

Fleas in Buildings: Precor® 2625 is generally non-staining, however, in questionable locations, test in an inconspicuous area before treating. Cover and unplug aquariums before spraying.

For Flea Infestations, Precor® 2625 treats 2625ft². To treat carpet and other areas of suspected flea infestation, hold container upside down 2-3 feet from surface, point actuator towards the surface and push button. Using a sweeping motion, apply a light uniform spray to all surfaces of furniture, rugs, carpets, drapes, and on and around all pet resting areas. Apply to infested areas such as pet beds and pet resting quarters, nearby cracks and crevices, under the edges of rugs and floor coverings, between and under cushions of upholstered furniture and other areas where fleas may be present. A light misting is all that is required to control fleas and flea larvae. Use care when applying to hardwood floors and only use a light misting to those areas. Reapply in 14 days, if necessary.

OUTDOORS: Point spray nozzle away from face. Hold can on slight downward angle. For best results, spray when air is calm. Spray with wind if breeze is blowing.

PESTS ON OUTSIDE SURFACES OF BUILDINGS – To kill Ants (including Carpenter Ants) (except Pharaoh and Harvester Ants), Cockroaches, Brown Marmoted Stink Bugs, Asian Lady Beetles, Crickets, Earwigs, Flies and Sowbugs (Pillbugs): Spray pests directly or spray foundation of buildings where insects are active and may find entrance up to a height of 2 to 3 feet and 2 to 3 feet out. For ants, spray around nests hidden under steps, brickwork, concrete, etc. Break apart accessible nests and spray on and around debris.

Precor® 2625 may be applied as a spot, crack and crevice, or void treatment to outside surfaces. Do not apply as a broadcast spray. Spray outside surfaces of buildings where insects tend to congregate. Spray areas include (but are not limited to) screens, window frames, eaves, porches, patios, garages, and refuse dumps. Repeat treatment as necessary but not more than once per week.

TO KILL WASPS AND YELLOW JACKETS under eaves, screens, window frames, doors, patios, cracks, holes or crevices wherever insects are noticed, spray for about 1 -2 seconds or until surfaces are moist. To prevent entrance of insects into the house, spray around points where insects enter such as outside plumbing, faucets, etc., and cracks or crevices in foundation up to a maximum height of 3 feet, as well as along sills and ledges. For best results, spray in early morning or late evening when insect activity is minimal. Stand a safe distance from nest and not directly underneath. Hold can upright and point spray opening toward nest with wind at your back. Spray until nest is thoroughly saturated to kill the entire nest population. Wait at least 24 hours before removing the nest.

Precor 2625 Premise Spray Target Pests:
Kills: Fleas, Fire ants, Argentine ants, Carpenter ants, Bed bugs, Cockroaches, Crickets, Spiders, Asian lady beetles, and many other listed pests!

Precor 2625 Premise Spray Active Ingredients:
Etofenprox (CAS #80844-07-1)..............................1.00%
Tetramethrin (CAS #7696-12-0).............................0.25%
Pyrethrins (CAS #8003-34-7)...............................0.15%
Piperonyl Butoxide* (CAS #51-03-6)........................1.50%
(S)-Methoprene (CAS #65733-16-6)..........................0.09%

Precor 2625 Premise Spray Active Ingredients:
Etofenprox (CAS #80844-07-1)..............................1.00%
Tetramethrin (CAS #7696-12-0).............................0.25%
Pyrethrins (CAS #8003-34-7)...............................0.15%
Piperonyl Butoxide* (CAS #51-03-6)........................1.50%
(S)-Methoprene (CAS #65733-16-6)..........................0.09%

Precor 2625 Premise Spray EPA Reg. No. 89459-12

Precor 2625 Premise Spray Size: 21 oz can
Precor 2625 Premise Spray Class: Pyrethroid, Insect Growth Regulator
Precor 2625 Premise Spray Category: Insecticide, Aerosol, Broad Spectrum
Precor 2625 Premise Spray Manufacturer: Central Garden & Pet Company