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Mosquito Catcher (MOSQUITOCATCHER)

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Mosquito Catcher

Mosquito Catcher is a new product using state-of-the-art technology for catching mosquitoes in your backyard ! The Mosquito Catcher is a safe, durable, easy to assemble and operate, highly effective and very affordable ! Nothing else like it on the market !

Mosquito Catcher Features:
* Durable, metal construction
* Powder-coated epoxy - to retard rust
* 2 sets of legs; short legs for the patio and long legs for the grass
* Designed to protect the backyard, porch or patio
* Great for apartment balconies !
* Works for up to 1/2 acre

Mosquito Catcher Uses / Applications:
The Mosquito Catcher is designed to be placed in the yard or on the porch and left alone; rain or shine!

Put the unit on the porch with you; near the grill, under a table, or off in the grass. The unit is quiet and small and should be placed where you and your family spend your time.

How the Mosquito Catcher works:
The unit is very simple to operate, simple to explain and has four (4) main components:

HEAT ATTRACTION - Mosquitoes are attracted by your warmth, your body heat. The cone-area of the Mosquito Catcher, under the dome, gets warm and mimics the heat of a warm-blooded animal and YOU !

LIGHT ATTRACTION - Mosquitoes are attracted by lights. Remember that bug zapper with the fluorescent blue light? Those products bring in mosquitoes, moths, June Bugs, Lady Bugs, birds, bats, etc. The Mosquito Catcher has blue lights located under the dome. We use special, blue LED lights that specifically attract mosquitoes. When the collection drawer is emptied, mosquitoes will be 90% or more of the catch. In addition, our LED lamps are designed for long life.

PATENTED FAN SYSTEM - When a mosquito comes close to the heat or blue LED lights, a high-velocity air current pulls them into the unit where there are accumulated in a screened collection drawer.

COLLECTION DRAWER - Once inside the drawer, the mosquitoes bounce around, dry out and eventually die. Simply pull out the drawer every week and dump the insects!

Mosquito Catcher Target Pests:
Annoying mosquitoes and biting flies

Mosquito Catcher Operation - Manual runs 24 hours per day: Automatic - runs only after-dark

Everything is Included - No LP Tank to buy, No LP tank to refill, No Flame - No Fire, No High-Voltage,
No Pesticides to buy, No Chemical smell, Safe for Children and Pets and Uses less electricity than
a 40 watt light bulb !

The Mosquito Catcher was tested by the USDA and an independent laboratory. The testing laboratory stated: "The Mosquito Catcher catches MORE mosquitoes than the $1200+ competitor !"
Mosquito Catcher Dimensions: 12x12x11
Mosquito Catcher Weight: 14 lbs
Mosquito Catcher Category: Mosquito Control
Mosquito Catcher Manufacturer: TekQuest Industries
Mosquito Catcher Operation:Manual runs 24 hours per day: Automatic - runs only after-dark
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