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Verifi Bed Bug Detector (VERIFIBEDBUG),

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The Verifi Bed Bug Detector redefines termiticide application precision, volume, labor and time by taking liquid termiticide application to the next level.

The Verifi Bed Bug Detector provides unbelievable advantages to the pest management professional that far exceed traditional detection methods. Sensible, quite productive and definitely affordable, this Verifi Bed Bug Detector makes the odds of locating bed bugs in their early stage of infestation a very real possibility more than ever before.

The first device ever to provide up to 90 days of active detection Verifi Bed Bug Detector has attractants that can be replaced so that detection can continue.

These radically streamlined application techniques are made possible by the unique chemistry of Verifi Bed Bug Detector Copack that helps improve the dispersal of the active ingredient and creates an Enhanced Protection Zone.

Verifi Bed Bug Detector Benefits / Uses / Applications:

* Detect - Because the Verifi bed bug detector utilizes replaceable attractants to continuously draw in and detect bed bugs for up to 90 days at a time, it plays multiple roles in this comprehensive approach to bed bug management.

For your initial bed bug detection, we recommend installing four devices in rooms with suspected infestations as well as in adjacent rooms (including rooms above and below in multi-level buildings). Install two at the head of the bed, one at the foot of the bed, and one on or near a frequently used piece of furniture that is in close proximity to the bed.

The Verifi Bed Bug Detector can be inspected for bed bugs or bed bug activity anytime between one to seven days after installation.

* Control - a treatment plan can be created and executed.
- For baseboards and carpet edges
- For cracks and crevices
- For sensitive areas
- For voids, outlets and light fixtures

* Confirm - Following your bed bug treatment, you can utilize the Verifi bed bug detector to determine the success of your treatment. The Verifi CO2 booster pack can be replaced at any time for another 24-hour burst of carbon dioxide and the Verifi lure can be replaced every 90 days.

Replacing the components is simple. Remove the used Verifi CO2 booster pack and Verifi lure from the Verifi core and place them in a plastic bag. Install a newly activated booster pack and lure into the core, activation directions provided in packaging and secure the device with a zip tie. Now the Verifi bed bug detector is ready for another 90 days of active service.

* Secure - Inspect the Verifi bed bug detector and replace the Verifi CO2 booster pack as necessary and the Verifi lure on a 60- to 90-day basis. This gives you continuous security knowing that a detection device is effectively and discretely monitoring for bed bugs, and that any future bed bug population that is introduced can be detected and treated early.

Verifi Bed Bug Detector Target Pests:
Bed Bugs

Verifi Bed Bug Detector Active Ingredient:
Magnesium Chloride .............................. 9.1%
Verifi Bed Bug Detector Active Ingredient:
Magnesium Chloride .............................. 9.1%

Verifi Bed Bug Detector Contains: 1 Detector
Verifi Bed Bug Detector Category: Bed Bug Control
Verifi Bed Bug Detector Manufacturer: FMC Professional Solutions

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