Optigard Flex Liquid
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Optigard Flex Liquid (OPTIGARDFLEX)


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Optigard Flex Liquid

Optigard Flex Liquid is one of the most versatile and effective non-repellent insecticides ever !

Bait, Foam and Kill! Optigard Flex Liquid is one of the most versatile and effective non-repellent insecticides ever. It is effective against termites and a variety of ants and other nuisance pests. It's the only liquid non-repellent insecticide that can be foamed into termite bait stations for control of subterranean termites.

Optigard Flex has exhibited excellent non-repellent activity against drywood termites and can be foamed directly into drywood termite galleries. It is also very effective against hard to control invasive ants such as Argentine, carpenter and ghost ants.

In addition to termites and ants, Optigard Flex controls other nuisance pests, including beetles, crickets, boxelder bugs, ladybird beetles, earwigs, cockroaches, fire ants, etc. It can be applied as a perimeter band spray around structures to control ants and other occasional insect pests. Optigard Flex Liquid can also be applied to landscape ornamentals as a foliage spray or banded drench around the base of the plants to control honeydew producing insects and thus, the ants that feed on their honeydew secretions. Application as a foam requires the use of a foaming agent such as ProFoam and a foaming applicator such as the Solo Wall Foamer or Spritzer.

Optigard Flex Liquid Features:
* Controls broad range of economically important pests, including ants, cockroaches, and drywood termites
* Versatile formulation that goes where it?s needed ? inside or outside, as a liquid or foam
* No limit on the timing of applications
* Systemic activity in plants helps control honeydew-producing insects that serve as food source for ant pests
* Advanced non-repellent chemistry which transfers throughout social insect populations for better control with less product

Optigard Flex Liquid Uses Applications:
For residential and commercial use.

Optigard Flex is an easy-to-use, water-based, 21.6% suspension-concentrate (SC) formulation that readily disperses in water, has virtually no odor, and is compatible with commonly used application equipment, including liquid applicators, foam applicators, and direct-injection systems. Optigard Flex liquid is labeled for use with in-wall, fixed-tube delivery systems. The following are guidelines for applying thiamethoxam against various urban pests. Follow the Optigard Flex label for more specific instructions.

Optigard Flex as a liquid: Use liquid applicators (compressed air sprayers, backpack, or power sprayers). Follow label directions for desired concentration. For Ants and Other Nuisance Pests: Outdoors as a general liquid spray to trails, spot treatment to pest entry points or as a perimeter foundation spray. Use indoors as a crack-and-crevice application. For Wood-Destroying Insects: Apply sufficient product to treat termite galleries and infested areas.

Optigard Flex as a foam preparation: Use foam generating applicators. Mix into tank 0.1% finished foam concentration and see label for mixing instructions. For Ants and Other Nuisance Pests: Outdoors - apply spots of 2-4 oz finished foam at pest entry points to the structure. Void application, applied from indoors or outdoors. For Wood-Destroying Insects: Application to drywood termite galleries.

Optigard Flex may be applied to landscape ornamentals to control honeydew-producing insects and thus, the ants that feed on their honeydew secretions. Use a 0.1% liquid dilution of Optigard Flex as a foliar or banded application and apply up to 2 gallons per 1,000 feet2. Retreat as necessary to maintain control.

Optigard Flex Liquid Target Pests:
Ants (except Pharoah and Carpenter Ants), Beetles, Boxelder bugs, Cockroaches, Crickets, Earwigs, Firebrats, Lady Beetles, Millipedes, Pillbugs, Silverfish and Sowbugs.

Optigard Flex Liquid Active Ingredient:

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Optigard Flex Liquid Active Ingredient:

Optigard Flex Liquid EPA Reg # 100-1306

Optigard Flex Liquid Size: 8 Fluid Oz
Optigard Flex Liquid Category: Insecticide Liquid
Optigard Flex Liquid Manufacturer: Syngenta