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  • Hex Pro Termite Bait Station

    Hex Pro Termite
    Bait Station

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  • Advance Termite Bait Station

    Advance Termite
    Bait Station

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  • Bora Care Wood Treatment

    Wood Treatment

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  • Timbor Professional

    Timbor Professional
    Insecticide and Fungicide

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  • Altriset Termiticide


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  • Alpine Ant and Termite Foam

    Alpine Ant and
    Termite Foam

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  • Eco PCO ACU Contact Insecticide

    EcoVia EC
    Emulsifiable Concentrate

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  • Spectracide Terminate

    Spectracide Terminate
    Termite Killing Stakes

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  • Termatrac T3I

    Termatrac T3I
    Termite Detection Device

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  • Solo Wall Foamer

    Solo Wall
    Insecticide Foamer

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Alternative Termite Treatment Methods

Many people are of the opinion that all commercial pesticides are dangerous and toxic. Nothing could be further from the truth. In the last few years, several really good pesticide products that are very low on the toxicity scale have been introduced into the professional market. Although these products may appear toxic, because they require a license to purchase in a few States, the truth is that the active ingredients that these products contain are considered "Green" by the EPA, and as such as used by many Pest Control companies that market and sell "organic", "natural" and "eco-friendly" pest control services. The fact that they are "Green" in no way dictates their overall effectiveness, as some are very effective at controlling target pests such as subterranean and drywood termites.

Sodium Borate has been a popular alternative treatment for subterranean termites in the last few years. Popularized in the early 1990's with the introduction of Bora Care (Sodium Borate and Glycol which acts as a penetrate), Sodium Borate is a form of Boric Acid, although it is not as refined as Boric Acid, but comes from the same basic element boron.

Sodium Borate acts by killing the bacterial protozoa in the termites intestinal gut which acts as the termites food processor. This bacterial protozoa actually digests the wood which the termite eats, and processes it into an energy source (sugar), the termite then excretes a wood pellet (frass). When the termites digest wood containing sodium borate, the bacterial protozoa is killed which results in the termites not being able to digest their food. So in essence the termite starves to death. Sodium Borate is relatively inexpensive and is widely used in the termite control industry as a secondary backup treatment to a conventional soil treatment. Sodium Borate can also be used as a termite bait, and also as flea killer for carpets.

Timbor is easy to mix and apply. 1 lb of Timbor mixes in 1 gallon of water. Simply spray Timbor with a hand sprayer or apply liberally with a paint brush, roller etc, to bare wood surfaces such as wall studs, joists, etc. Timbor will saturate the wood and provide many years of protections against termites, carpenter ants, wood decay fungi, etc.. Timbor is an excellent protect and is highly recommended.

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