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Carpet Beetle

Furniture Carpet Beetle

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Surrender Pestabs Insecticide

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Insect Guard Hanging Strip
Insect Guard
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CB 80 Pyrethrum Aerosol
CB 80 Pyrethrum

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Demand CD Insecticide
Demand CS Insecticide Concentrate
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Ultracide Aerosol with IGR
Ultracide Aerosol
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Bifen Insecticide
Bifen I/T

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V One Pytrethrum Aerosol
Alpine Pressurized
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CB Residual Fogger
CB Residual
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ePest IPM Professional Insect Traps
CM 288i IPM Professional
Insect Traps

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Carpet Beetle Identification

Several species of Carpet Beetles may damage fabrics. Four species are most commonly encountered-the black carpet beetle, varied carpet beetle, common carpet beetle, and furniture carpet beetle. Together, this group is usually considered more economically important as fabric pests than the clothes moths.

Many other common beetles resemble adult and larval carpet beetles. The hide beetles (discussed later ), museum beetles, bird nest carpet beetles, and cabinet beetles all have a somewhat similar appearance. Although both adults and larvae may be mistaken for carpet beetles, close attention to the descriptions of the carpet beetles, together with an understanding of the larval habits, will usually allow proper identification.

These beetles all have a complete metamorphosis, that is egg, larva, pupa and adult - the same life cycle as a butterfly - with the larva being the only stage that causes damage to fabrics. All of the adults are small and inconspicuous beetles which are rarely seen by homeowners. Adults may be found indoors or outdoors, and frequently on flowers surrounding a house where they feed on pollen. Flowering shrubs such as Spirea and Pyracantha are particularly attractive to adult carpet beetles, but other species of flowering plants may be visited.

Black Carpet Beetle

Black Carpet Beetle

Black Carpet Beetle Adult

(Actual Size - 1/8 inch - 5mm)

Varied Carpet BeetlV

Varied Carpet Beetle

Adult Varied Carpet Beetle
(Actual Size 1/8 inch - 5mm)

carpet beetle larva

Varied Carpet Beetle Larva
(Actual Size 1/4 inch - 8mm)

Common Carpet Beetle

Varied Carpet BeetleAdult Common Carpet Beetle
(Actual Size 1/4 inch - 8mm)

Furniture Carpet Beetle

furniture carpet beetle

Adult Furniture Carpet Beetle
(Actual Size 1/8 inch - 5mm)

Odd Beetle

odd beetle

Odd Beetle
(Actual Size 1/2 inch - 12mm)

Hide Beetle

hide beetle

Hide Beetle
(Actual Size 3/8 inch 10mm)

Carpet Beetle Management


Direct Fabric Protection
Mothproofing and clothes moth control are two different things. Mothproofing implies preventive applications of an insecticide to avoid infestation. Clothes moth or carpet beetle control is the correction of an existing infestation. Mothproofing is often accomplished by a special treatment during the manufacture of woolen fabric or other susceptible items. In some instances it is also a service of a dry cleaning company.

Various moth proofers will give protection from moth and carpet beetle damage. These chemicals depend for their action on killing larvae either after light feeding or brief contact (before feeding occurs). Many fabrics which are treated with a mothproofing solution at the time of manufacture are safe from damage until the chemicals are removed, either by washing, dry cleaning or simple degradation. You should never attempt to mothproof articles of clothing. When you desire to have clothing treated, it is usually best that treatment be made during dry cleaning if such treatment is available in your area. Such mothproofing of clothing is usually quite effective over the length of time between cleanings, or for storage during the summer months.

CB 80 and Insect Guard are currently labeled for general mothproofing applications to other articles besides clothing (carpets, area rugs, tapestries, drapes, etc.). Generally, these are applied to these items after they have been removed and dry cleaned (if possible), and while located in a convenient place which facilitates thorough application. Fine sprays should be carefully applied to obtain thorough coverage, but only after possible staining problems have been considered and tests done to assure such problems will not arise.

Controlling Existing Carpet Beetle Infestations

Many professional pest companies prefer to apply a residual insecticide Pestabs or Demand CS to all of the appropriate areas, and then follow up with an aerosol application of a non-residual insecticide such as CB 80  to assure complete control of adult or larval stages which may not be directly in the areas treated with the residual material. This dual application approach is especially appropriate when damage is extensive and widespread when many active adult insects have been seen in widely scattered areas of the premises; or during seasons when egg-laying is occurring in the area.

clothes moth anc carpet beetle kit

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